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Functions of Retaining Walls

According to Retaining Walls Perth company, a well-reputed retaining wall specialist in Australia, retaining walls are an amazing device which is used to create wonderful features in a landscape. You might have seen an upscale entryway which utilizes retaining walls to make a raised area to create an entrance with a raised landscaping bed. Retaining walls are structures that are designed and built to withstand lateral (horizontal) pressure when there is a change in soil elevation that exceeds the at-rest angle in the soil. An important factor in designing and building a retaining wall is to get a retaining wall immovable land or land landslides due to gravity. Lateral soil pressure behind the retaining wall depends on the shear angle in the soil (phi) and cohesion (c). The lateral pressure increases from the top to the bottom of the retaining wall. If it is not planned properly, the soil pressure will push the retaining wall causing it construction failure and landslide. Failure is also caused by groundwater behind the retaining wall that is not dissipated by the drainage system. Therefore, it is very important for a retaining wall to have a better drainage system, to lessen hydrostatic pressure and increase soil stability.



Retaining walls can be a very attractive and highly aesthetic feature of your property when it is built from the correct selected materials. If you want to make it more beautiful, you can some landscape lightings, colorful flowers, appropriate plants, or some decorated stairs. Often times people install retaining walls along the driveways and corridors. This aims to define the space.

The Functions of Retaining Walls;

1. Creating flat areas

Creating a flat area is the most common function of retaining walls. As it is stated in one of the well-reputed Australian magazines, many Australians, especially in Perth WA, use retaining walls services to create flat areas. According to their testimonies, flat grounds are always more useful than steep slopes. It’s very hard to make something beautiful in sloping ground. It is possible, but it requires many things with certain skills. This is exactly why people like to make their property flats using retaining walls services. Some properties have to be flat such as sports fields and parking areas. What will happen if a parking area is on a sloping plane?


2. Making slopes more functional

In reality, there are many places around the world located in mount-sides. People implement retaining walls strategy in order to make the sloping ground more functional and fits peoples’ everyday needs. With retaining walls, people can decorate and put some aesthetic features on their property so as to beautify their homes. The simple form of retaining walls which are commonly used by farmers are the so-called terraces. Terracing technique enables farmers to create better and more useful farmland. They can easily work and plant many things on the stair-like spaces. Terrace functions largely on preventing erosion. Without us realizing it, terracing creating eye-catching wonders that attract anyone who sees it. This terracing technique can be applied to your property as well. Retaining walls Perth states that retaining walls enables us to create beautiful gardens and wonderful spaces.



3. Providing handicapped accessibility

Nowadays, the existence of retaining walls construction makes it easier for governments to create special ways for wheelchair access. For the handicapped persons who use wheelchairs can go around the cities, gardens, and national parks without having any trouble in terms of the road. This definitely makes them feel better and comfortable every time they go out. They do not have to worry about being crushed by cars or bikes. In developed countries, the government uses retaining walls to create a special way for pedestrians. This is to prevent accidence.


4. Improving Site Drainage

There are many architects who use retaining walls to direct water on a particular property. During the rainy season, your property could be flooded. In order to hinder this tragedy, you need to have appropriate retaining walls that can direct water systematically to a particular area. This can save your plants as well. Puddle also can happen in your property any time especially when the rainy season comes.



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